Hilton Head Island Chicken Laws

Are chickens allowed in Hilton Head Island?Unclear
How many chickens can you have?City does not specify
Can you have roosters in Hilton Head Island?Contact city
Chicken coop placement rules:No rule specified (contact city)
Application process:A permit may be required
More information:Hilton Head Island City Code

Yearning to nurture chickens on Hilton Head Island? Unearth the must-know city ordinances and principles governing fowl-raising for a flourishing endeavor.

  • Residents are not expressly permitted or forbidden to keep chickens for personal use only. The municipal code does not specify a number of allowed chickens or whether chickens are allowed, so please check with the local authorities for more information.
  • Chickens must be kept inside coops that protect them from floods, predators, and other damages. Please check with the authorities for more rules regarding chicken coop building guidelines.
  • Roosters are likely not allowed within the city limits because of their noise. However, the city code does not expressly mention this.
  • Chickens cannot run at large within the city limits or to a neighboring property.
  • Here are some additional rules and regulations to keep in mind:
    • Chicken coops must be kept clean and free of debris.
    • Chickens must be provided with fresh water and food at all times.
    • Chickens must be disposed of humanely if they die.

Stay updated on Hilton Head Island’s changing backyard chicken rules by contacting local officials for the latest information.

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Last updated: 11/01/2023