The Best Chicken Coop Deodorizers for Fresh Coops

September 23, 2023 by Alexander Lindley

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Ah, the joys of chicken keeping—the fresh eggs, the clucking companions, and the smell that could wake up a hibernating bear!

Here’s the problem: 

That overpowering smell isn’t just a nose-pinching nuisance; it can also indicate an unhealthy environment for your flock. Excessive odor attracts pests, becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, and, frankly, makes the wonderful experience of raising chickens somewhat less enjoyable. 

And the longer you ignore it, the worse it gets.

Fortunately, chicken coop deodorizers are a simple and effective way to tackle this problem head-on. These magical concoctions significantly reduce, if not completely eliminate, the odors from your coop, turning it back into the sanctuary you envisioned for your feathery friends. 

Today, I’ll walk you through the best chicken coop deodorizers on the market so you can keep both your chickens and your nostrils happy.

What Is a Chicken Coop Deodorizer?

A chicken coop deodorizer neutralizes and eliminates unwanted odors in your chicken coop. Think of it as an air freshener but specially formulated for the unique challenges of poultry care. 

Using a deodorizer makes the coop more pleasant for you and creates a healthier living environment for your chickens.

Proper odor management can also deter pests and reduce the risk of respiratory issues in your flock.

The 5 Best Chicken Coop Deodorizers: Ranked & Reviewed

I’ve rounded up the top five chicken coop deodorizers based on key criteria such as effectiveness, safety, and usability. 

I’ve closely analyzed each product against real-world poultry environments to help you make the best choice for a fresher, healthier coop.

Best Chicken Coop Deodorizers: At-a-Glance

ProductEffectivenessSafetyEase of UseVersatility
SCENT AWAY Chicken Coop DeodorizerEliminates odors with active carbon100% non-toxic, environmentally friendlyEasy to sprinkleFragrance-free
Strong Animals Coop RecuperateReduces ammonia, absorbs moistureContains organic essential oilsEasy to sprinkle, pleasant aromaAlso serves as bedding enhancer
Spring Chicken Zen House Chicken Coop RefresherReduces odor and moisture, improves compost qualityNatural oils and food-grade diatomaceous earthEasy to apply 1-2 times per weekActs as natural fly repellent
Ware Coop Control “Fowl” Odor EliminatorEliminates odors, improves soil97% bio-based organic carbon, safe to ingestSimple sprinkle applicationReduces flies
Sweet PDZ – Coop RefresherNeutralizes ammonia and waste odors100% natural mineral zeolite, OMRI listedEasy to sprinkleCan be added to composts and gardens

1. SCENT AWAY Chicken Coop Deodorizer: Best Overall

SCENT AWAY Chicken Coop Deodorizer | Coop…
  • ODOR ELIMINATOR – Scent Away chicken coop odor eliminator is unique in that it doesn’t just cover…
  • ACTIVE CARBON – Provides a 10X extra boost of odor elimination than zeolite powder alone and is a…
  • 100% NON-TOXIC & SAFE – Natural Active Carbon is an environmentally friendly chicken deodorizer as…

The SCENT AWAY Chicken Coop Deodorizer stands out for its ability to mask and eliminate odors, thanks to its natural active carbon ingredient. This substance is 10 times more effective than zeolite powder alone, acting as a potent moisture absorber to neutralize smells in both the coop and hay. 

Plus, it’s environmentally friendly, with low greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption in production. As someone who got into backyard chicken keeping, in part, for the environmental benefits, that’s super important to me.

One of this coop deodorizer’s best features is its 100% non-toxic formulation, ensuring the safety of your chickens. 

Application is a breeze; simply sprinkle the product in the coop for a fresh and odor-free environment. Its fragrance-free nature appeals to those who prefer to avoid added scents.

Oh, and a pro tip

Put this directly underneath the roosting bars in your coop. It’s especially effective in high-impact spots that experience a lot of droppings.


  • Eliminates odors effectively with active carbon
  • 100% non-toxic and safe for chickens
  • Easy to apply: just sprinkle in the coop
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fragrance-free


  • Somewhat more expensive than other options due to active carbon

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2. Strong Animals Coop Recuperate: Runner-Up

Strong Animals Coop Recuperate Eucalyptus…
  • Scatter in coop for sweet smelling and comfortable living environment
  • Reduces ammonia odor
  • Absorbs moisture

Strong Animals Coop Recuperate sets itself apart by offering more than just odor elimination—it also provides a therapeutic aroma thanks to its organic eucalyptus and lemongrass essential oils.

Not only does it effectively reduce ammonia odor and absorb moisture, but it also extends the life of your bedding. 

A sprinkle of this product can transform your coop into a comfortable, sweet-smelling haven that both chicks and adult chickens will love. 

I’ve found that this coop deodorizer is especially helpful when you’re keeping chicks indoors. It helps manage odors without overwhelming the senses in a closer indoor environment.


  • Reduces ammonia odor effectively
  • Contains organic essential oils for a pleasant aroma
  • Absorbs moisture, extending bedding life
  • Suitable for both chicks and adult chickens
  • Easy to apply


  • Packaging size may be smaller than expected
  • Essential oils may not be suitable for all birds

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3. Spring Chicken Zen House Chicken Coop Refresher: Best Budget Pick

The Spring Chicken Zen House Chicken Coop Refresher offers a holistic approach to coop care with its combination of bergamot and basil essential oils and food-grade diatomaceous earth. 

This product neutralizes ammonia odors, absorbs moisture, and is a natural fly repellent. It’s easy to apply, requiring only a liberal sprinkle one to two times a week or whenever you add fresh bedding. 

Besides making your coop smell wonderful, it also improves the quality of your compost, extending the life of your bedding. It’s a win-win for your nose and wallet.

However, it comes in a fairly small package. You may find yourself running out more frequently than you’d like, so either stock up or opt for a larger product.


  • Natural ingredients, including essential oils and food-grade diatomaceous earth
  • Effective at reducing ammonia odor and moisture absorption
  • Doubles as a natural fly repellent
  • Easy to apply and maintain
  • Enhances compost quality


  • Frequent application required for optimal results
  • Essential oils may not suit all poultry preferences
  • Small package size for price

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4. Ware Coop Control “Fowl” Odor Eliminator: Best Eco-Friendly Pick

Ware’s Coop Control “Fowl” Odor Eliminator is a must-have for anyone looking to keep their coop smelling fresh. 

This product boasts a 97% bio-based organic carbon formula that eliminates odors and is safe for your chickens to ingest. In other words, it’s super eco-friendly, which is a big consideration for chicken keepers like me (and many of my neighbors).

It’s simple to apply; just sprinkle it evenly across the coop floor. 

The product has a bonus benefit: It reduces fly infestations, which can cause stress in your hens, and improves soil quality by enhancing drainage and aeration.


  • Eco-friendly, with 97% bio-based organic carbon
  • Easy to apply by sprinkling on the ground
  • Safe for chickens to ingest
  • Effectively reduces flies, decreasing stress in hens
  • Beneficial for soil health, improving drainage and aeration


  • May require frequent reapplication for the best results
  • Cost might be higher compared to other deodorizers, but offers multiple benefits

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5. Sweet PDZ – Coop Refresher: Best for Newer Coops

Sweet PDZ – Coop Refresher – Zeolite Odor…
  • 100% natural mineral odor eliminator for chicken coops – contains no perfumes, additives or…
  • Zeolite neutralizes and removes noxious ammonia and waste odors, as well as keeps coop bedding…
  • Protects respiratory health of all fowl, an essential chicken coop accessory for overall well…

Sweet PDZ – Coop Refresher offers an all-natural solution for chicken coop odors. Made with the 100% natural mineral zeolite, this product efficiently neutralizes ammonia and waste odors, making it an essential accessory for the overall well-being of your flock. 

If you’re a gardener, this is a great pick for you. This chicken coop deodorizer keeps your coop bedding dry and converts waste into nutrient-rich ingredients for composts and gardens. 

And don’t worry about the safety of your other birds. This product’s OMRI listing ensures it’s safe for various birds, from chickens and ducks to turkeys and quail.

Another (non-chicken-related) note: This deodorizer works on virtually ANY animal smell — even indoor pet accidents.


  • 100% natural mineral odor eliminator
  • Efficiently neutralizes ammonia and waste odors
  • Safe for a variety of birds
  • Can be added to composts and gardens
  • OMRI listed, ensuring safety and effectiveness


  • May require a thorough application for maximum effect
  • Initial odor elimination may require heavier application on soiled spots

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Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in a Chicken Coop Deodorizer

To help you navigate through the options and find the best chicken coop deodorizer for your needs, you’ll need to consider various factors before making your purchase. 

Here’s what you need to think about before you buy:

Performance & Effectiveness

The effectiveness of a chicken coop deodorizer hinges on its ability to neutralize and eliminate odors rather than merely masking them. Key features include long-lasting effects, quick action, and coverage area. 

Some deodorizers also have added benefits like moisture absorption and antibacterial properties, providing a more holistic approach to coop cleanliness. An effective deodorizer will create a more pleasant and healthier environment for you and your flock.

You can gauge effectiveness from product reviews and similar, but from experience, I can tell you that the best way is to simply test various deodorizers out. Some create smells that are pleasant to others but might not be pleasant to you.


When selecting a chicken coop deodorizer, safety should be a top priority. Opt for non-toxic, biodegradable products that are free from harsh chemicals. Ensure the deodorizer is safe for your chickens and any other pets and humans who may frequent the coop area. 

Additionally, eco-friendly options are better for the environment, and you can often safely incorporate them into compost. Always read the label for any specific safety guidelines or warnings.

Usability & Convenience

If you’re new to chicken keeping, ease of use is crucial. Look for a simple deodorizer, whether a spray, powder, or pellet form. Quick application and minimal maintenance time are essential. 

Personally, I find the powders to be the easiest to use — especially if you’re a backyard chicken beginner. The sprays are also really easy, but they tend to run out quicker.

Products that require frequent reapplication can become burdensome. A user-friendly deodorizer should come with clear instructions and, ideally, require no specialized tools for application, making your chicken-keeping journey much more enjoyable.


A versatile chicken coop deodorizer that serves multiple functions offers the best value for new chicken keepers. Look for products that eliminate odors AND clean and disinfect the coop. 

Some deodorizers even come with insect-repelling qualities. Multi-purpose deodorizers can save you time and money, reducing the number of products you need to buy and store. Fewer products mean less clutter, making your chicken-keeping tasks more manageable and your footprint smaller.


Deodorizers come in various concentrations, from ready-to-use sprays to concentrated solutions that require dilution. A pre-mixed, ready-to-use formula is often the most convenient for new chicken keepers. 

It eliminates the guesswork involved in mixing and is generally easier to apply. But it may be less cost-effective than the ones you mix yourself. 

So, if you’re comfortable with diluting concentrates and seeking cost-effectiveness, a concentrated formula may be worth considering. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for dilution and application.

Key Takeaways

  • Effectiveness Is Crucial. A good deodorizer should do more than mask odors; it should neutralize and eliminate them for a healthier coop environment.
  • Safety First. Opt for non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and safe products for your flock and other pets. OMRI listings and similar certifications are good safety indicators.
  • Multi-Functionality Is a Plus. Deodorizers that serve as moisture absorbers, insect repellents, or compost enhancers offer more bang for your buck.
  • Consider Ease of Use. New chicken keepers should look for products that are easy to apply, ideally with straightforward instructions.
  • Look for Natural Ingredients. Deodorizers made from natural minerals or bio-based organic carbons are often safer and eco-friendly.
  • Frequency of Application. Depending on your coop size and the product’s effectiveness, some deodorizers may require more frequent applications than others.
  • Consider Your Neighbors. Effective odor control is not just for the health of your chickens but also for maintaining good relations with your neighbors.

Say Goodbye to Foul Smells with the Best Chicken Coop Deodorizer

Maintaining a fresh chicken coop doesn’t have to be unpleasant — so long as you equip yourself with the right tools. From effectiveness and safety to versatility and ease of use, a great coop deodorizer can make all the difference in your chicken-keeping experience. 

Now that you’re armed with all the information you need, it’s time to choose. Don’t settle for less—get the best chicken coop deodorizer for a fresher, happier coop today!

As a reminder, all of the products I discussed above are solid choices, but in my experience, the SCENT AWAY Chicken Coop Deodorizer is the best all-around choice.