North Dakota Chicken Laws

Here’s a summary of the laws and regulations related to keeping backyard chickens in North Dakota:

  • Zoning laws: Before starting a backyard chicken flock, check with local zoning laws and ordinances to determine if chickens are allowed in the area where you live.
  • Permit requirements: Some municipalities may require a permit to keep chickens, so check with your local government to see if you need to obtain one.
  • Limit on number of chickens: There is no statewide limit on the number of chickens you can keep, but individual cities and towns may have their own restrictions.
  • Distance requirements: There may be minimum distance requirements between chicken coops and neighboring homes, so check with your local government to see what those requirements may be.
  • Enclosures: Chickens must be kept in secure enclosures that provide adequate space for each bird and protect them from predators.
  • Health regulations: Backyard chickens must be kept in clean and sanitary conditions, and may be subject to inspection by the North Dakota Department of Agriculture. Sick birds should be isolated and treated promptly to prevent the spread of disease.
  • Nuisance laws: If your chickens become a nuisance to your neighbors, you could be subject to fines or other penalties. Avoid keeping roosters, which are more likely to cause noise complaints.

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Last updated: 4/24/24