Are Begonias Safe for Chickens?


Yes, begonias are safe for chickens to be around. However, chickens may eat the plants and cause damage to the foliage.

Can Begonias Harm Chickens if They Eat Them?

Begonias are not toxic to chickens and won’t harm them if they eat small amounts of the plant. However, consuming large quantities of any type of plant material can cause digestive issues for chickens, such as diarrhea or reduced feed intake.

Should I Try to Keep My Chickens Away from My Begonias?

It’s a good idea to keep chickens away from begonias, especially if you want to maintain the health and appearance of the plants. Chickens have a tendency to peck and scratch at plants, and can quickly cause damage to leaves and stems. Keeping the chickens in a separate area or putting a barrier around the begonias can help protect them.

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