8 Personalized Chicken Coop Signs to Turn Your Chickens’ House Into a Home

Raising chickens in your backyard is a lot of work. It’s fun and rewarding, but you spend a lot of time out there — collecting eggs, cleaning the coop, feeding and watering, and much more.

That’s why it’s important to make sure your coop area is a pleasant place to be. And one way to make that happen is with a personalized chicken coop sign.

To help you find the right sign for YOUR coop, I’ve compiled eight of the best custom chicken coop signs available today (including the one I have and love). 

Let’s take a look.

My Take: Why Custom Chicken Coop Signs Are Worth It

I’ll be clear (and brief): 

I’m not big into decorations and all that. I like utility and functionality. But I’ll also be honest:

Adding a personalized sign to my chicken coop was kind of a game-changer. It made me want to spend more time out there with the flock.

And, honestly, it seems like my chickens like it, too. 

I’ve covered a bunch of coop sign options below. Their prices vary, but none of them were over $30 as of the time of this writing. And let me tell you from experience: That’s more than worth it.

8 Personalized Chicken Coop Sign Options

Let’s get into the details on these charming, stylish, cute, and sometimes funny custom chicken coop signs.

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1. MOWIPOWI Personalized Chicken Coop Sign

Personalized Chicken Coop Signs, Farm Fresh Eggs Daily Funny Chicken Farmhouse Decor Metal Sign,…
  • Personalized Metal Sign in two sizes: 8″ x 12″inches and 12″ x 16″inches and Wooden Signs in One Size as 8″ x 13″inches
  • Customized Metal Wood Wall Sign – You add and can see the text in real time, select Customize Now.
  • We focus on customized products, and each product is carefully designed for you.
  • Please Note – Personalized items can not be returned. Please double check your spelling before submitting your order.
  • The sign can be used inside or outdoors. The image is on one side. The sign has four holes for easy hanging. Hanging hardware is not included

If you’re like me, you want your chicken coop to be more than just a place for your chickens. You want it to have a bit of personality, right? That’s what I saw in the MOWIPOWI Personalized Chicken Coop Sign. 

This sign isn’t just a piece of metal or wood; it’s a splash of character for your coop. The vintage theme gives it a classic, timeless feel. It’s got that farmhouse vibe that’s just perfect for a coop. 

And you have options. Whether you choose metal or wood, each material has its own charm. The metal signs come in 8″ x 12″ and 12″ x 16″ sizes, while the wooden one is 8″ x 13″. Just the right sizes to catch the eye without being too in-your-face.

You can put whatever you want on this sign. “Farm Fresh Eggs Daily,” your family name, a funny chicken joke — you name it. It’s all about making it yours, so I won’t tell you what I put on mine. 

And the process is simple. Just hit ‘Customize Now’ on the order page and type in your text. Easy as pie.

These signs are made to last, whether you hang them inside or out. Thanks to a water transfer printing technique, the colors stay sharp and vivid. No fading. Plus, they’ve got a retro vibe with faux rust and paint lines. Adds to the charm.

Hanging it up is easy. There are two holes on the sign, so you just need to grab some hardware, and you’re set. Just keep in mind, the hardware isn’t included. But that’s a small thing, really.

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2. WODORO Personalized Hen House Wooden Sign

WODORO Personalized Chicken Coop Hen House Fluffy Farm Wooden Sign (NOT REAL CARVED) Wall Door Plaque, Multiple Sizes, Customized Name, Title & Quote, Farmer Farmhouse Chicken Rooster Sign
  • “Meaningful Gifts – Our signs can serve as housewarming gifts for friends and families, classmates,…
  • “Proper Dimension – The signs are available in 8 inch, 12 inch & 18 inch, lovely and compact,…
  • “Reliable & Lightweight – Our signs are made of wood material, wear and tear-resistant, not easy to…

The WODORO Personalized Hen House Wooden Sign is not just a sign — it’s like a little piece of art for your coop.

This sign is made from natural birch plywood. It’s sturdy but not heavy. Perfect for hanging up without a fuss. And speaking of hanging, it’s got two holes and comes with a rope. So you can put it up anywhere: inside, outside, on the door, or on the wall. Easy.

The sizes vary: 8 inch, 12 inch, and 18 inch. One of those should be just about perfect for any normal-sized chicken coop.

You can add your name, a quote, anything that makes it feel like yours. It’s not hand-carved, to be clear, but it looks great.

Also, it’s wood, so you might see some natural grain. That’s not a bad thing. It actually makes it look more authentic, in my opinion.

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3. WODORO Custom Vintage Chicken Coop Metal Sign

WODORO Custom Vintage Chicken Coop Metal Tin Sign with LED Neon Lights Decor, Personalized Hen House Fluffy Butt Hut, Funny Chicken Sign Outdoor, Chick Inn Farmhouse Farm Sign (03 w/o lights)
  • Premium Material & Size: The wall art sign is made of high-quality metal (steel), which is…
  • “Unique Signs: Our wall art sign lights are more unique than ordinary lights, you can customize the…
  • Perfect Decoration: This sign light is suitable for decoration anywhere, you can use it to decorate…

The WODORO Custom Vintage Chicken Coop Metal Sign is a real eye-catcher. It’s not just any sign. It’s got LED lights! That means it shines. Literally.

This sign is made from stainless steel. That means it’s tough and easy to clean. You get to pick from five sizes: 8″, 12″, 14″, 18″, and 24″. So, whether your coop is big or small, there’s a size for you.

And those LED lights? They change colors. Seven colors, to be exact. You get a remote to switch colors, adjust brightness, and even set a timer. It’s like a little light show for your chickens.

You can hang it anywhere: Inside, outside, in your living room, or on your porch. It makes any space more lively. And it’s not just a sign; it’s a decoration.

Now, it’s thin. That’s true. So, you might want to be careful where you put it. Wind could be a problem if it’s outside. But it’s sturdy, the colors are bright, and it holds up well. No scratches or dings even after somewhat rough weather.

One last tip: If you want to read your custom message easily, go for the bigger sizes. The smaller ones might be harder to read from your back porch.

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4. Funny HAHA USA Custom Vintage Chicken Coop Sign

Custom Chicken Coop Sign, Vintage Design, Personalized (8 x 12)
  • Waterproof & UV Protected
  • Made and Shipped in The USA
  • .032 Aluminum

The Funny HAHA USA Custom Vintage Chicken Coop Sign has a vintage, aged wood style. But guess what? It’s actually metal. 

This means it’s super sturdy and built to last. Plus, it’s got a bit of humor. You can pick from eight funny phrases to add to the bottom. A little laugh is always good, right?

Although you have to pick from the predetermined phrases, you can still customize this sign. You can add your name or any phrase you want. The lettering is sharp and clear. 

Size options include 8 x 12, 12 x 18, and the big 16 x 24. The larger size is even more durable, great for outdoors. And it’s resistant to vandalism. Paint or markers? No problem. They wipe right off.

Installation is easy. The smaller sizes have holes on the sides, and the big one has holes in all four corners. Just pick a spot and hang it up.

Made in the USA and from a small business – that’s something to feel good about. Supporting local makers is always a win.

Now, a heads-up. Make sure you double-check your custom text when you order. If you miss an apostrophe or something, it’ll print as is. So, a quick review before you hit ‘order’ is a good idea.

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5. ACOPAEY Custom Hen House Metal Sign

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  • ✅Custom Signs Outdoor Metal : This hen house monogram sign is handcrafted by metal artisans for…
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The ACOPAEY Custom Hen House Metal Sign is handcrafted by metal experts. It’s got a rustic finish that looks great anywhere — inside or outside. 

You can add your last name, a special date, or any phrase you like. It’s all about making it yours.

It’s made of No.14 steel. That’s tough stuff. And it has a powder coating that makes it waterproof and rust-resistant. The edges stay smooth with no sharp bits.

If you want this sign to stand out in your yard, go for the larger size. Some folks say the smaller ones are a bit too small to see from afar. (This will depend on the size of your yard and placement of your coop.)

Hanging it up is easy. You get screws with it, so you can put it up in minutes. Whether you choose the perforated (with holes) or non-perforated option, it’s simple to install.

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6. ZLOOREE Personalized Metal Coop Sign

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  • Unleash Your Rural Spirit: Our custom farm metal signs are the perfect way to showcase your love for…
  • Handcrafted for Durability: Each sign is carefully crafted by our skilled artisans using 14 gauge…
  • Endless Customization Options: With our customizable designs, you can create a sign that perfectly…

Thinking of adding a little country charm to your coop? The ZLOOREE Personalized Metal Coop Sign could be just the ticket.

This sign is made from 14 gauge steel. That means it’s tough and can handle weather like a champ.

As with all of these personalized chicken coop signs, you can make this one your own. Pick your style, color, and size. Add your family name, your farm name, or any message you like.

Honestly, this sign fits in anywhere. Your living room, office, barn, you name it. It brings that farmhouse feel wherever it goes. 

Mounting is a breeze. Just screw it in place, and you’re good to go. Simple and sturdy – that’s the way to do it.

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7. Gaomiz Customized Rooster Sign

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  • Premium Material: Our personalized metal signs are cut by cutting-edge laser-technology to ensure…
  • Custom Steps: (1) Click Customize Now. (2) Complete the parts that need to be selected and filled in…
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The Gaomiz Customized Rooster Sign is all about quality. It’s made with heavy-duty steel. That means it’s strong and will last a long time. 

The paint is tough and beautiful. It’s made to stay pretty for years, even decades. This could be something you pass down, like a family treasure.

Customizing it is fun. Just click ‘Customize Now’ on the product page, pick your font, color, and size, and you’re set. You get to make it exactly how you want. It’s all about your style.

You can hang it anywhere — inside, outside, in your garden, or on your porch. It makes any space look better. And hanging it is easy. It comes with holes, so you just need a few screws, and it’s up in no time.

Keep in mind, though, it’s custom. That means, in the case of this manufacturer, no returns unless there’s a big issue. So double-check your choices before you order.

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8. Chico Creek Signs Store Custom Farmhouse Sign

Personalized Chicken Coop Sign Fresh Eggs Daily Custom Family Name Farmhouse Décor Metal Outdoor Sign 8×12 208120084001
  • MADE IN THE USA!! Each of our signs is proudly manufactured by our team in Chico, California. We…
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL & PRINTING: Made from durable materials, these eye-catching signs are sturdy,…
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Available in multiple sizes to fit your space. Each sign comes with pre-drilled…

Made in the USA, the Chico Creek Signs Store Custom Farmhouse Sign comes with a bit of pride. The folks behind this sign are serious about quality. They care about what they make. That’s always good to know.

It’s aluminum, which means it’s tough, waterproof, and resistant to rust. Whether you hang it inside or outside, it’s going to last. And the printing is top-notch. It won’t peel or fade. This sign is made to stay looking good.

Hanging it up is a breeze. It comes in different sizes, so it fits just right wherever you put it. It’s got pre-drilled holes, so all you need is a nail or some rope, and you’re set.

This sign has a vintage vibe that’s really in right now. It fits in anywhere – your patio, garden, living room, or kitchen. It’s like a piece of art.

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I’d love to add a photo of yours to this post so others can see your setup and get inspired to add a custom chicken coop sign of their own.

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