Welcome to ChickenLaws.com

ChickenLaws.com Founder Alex Lindley

My name is Alexander Lindley. I’m the creator and owner of ChickenLaws.com, LLC.

I built (and am building) this site to be a one-stop shop:

  • For your questions about your local chicken-keeping ordinances
  • For your questions about how to start raising chickens
  • For your questions about how to get the most out of your flock

How did I get here?

I started raising chickens from a young age. Almost immediately, I found joy in it. Fulfillment, even.

I kept all kinds of chickens. I learned everything I could.

Then life happened.

I went to college. I left the country for a while. I got married and built my career. I had two (perfect) kids and bought a house.

And then it came full-circle for me:

I wanted to share the joy of raising backyard chickens with my children.

So, I looked up my local chicken-keeping laws. And guess what?

They were SUPER confusing. Not helpful at all. I just wanted a clear answer.

Turns out, a lot of cities and towns don’t really put their rules about chickens online. And we live in an online world.

And even when they do put the rules online, they’re often outdated or so confusing that they just turn people away from the idea altogether.

I decided to change that. With a background in journalism, writing, editing and website building, I thought this project would be just the thing.

And believe me: I’m STILL having a great time with it.

I love sharing knowledge and answering questions about backyard chickens — from the local requirements for chicken ownership to the nitty-gritty specifics of hens’ diets.

I’m here to have a good time. I hope you are, too. And if you see anything you like (or don’t like), please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me.