The Best Chicken Feeders for Optimal Poultry Care

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Raising chickens, whether it’s for business, sustainability, or as cherished pets, is rewarding — plain and simple. But to make the journey smooth, you need the right equipment.

That includes a reliable chicken feeder. 

Ensuring your flock has consistent access to fresh feed protects their health (and egg production). 

Over the years, I’ve come across various feeders, each promising the best for my birds. Through trials, triumphs, and a few cluck-ups, I’ve narrowed down the options. 

Here’s a deep dive into some of the best chicken feeders currently on the market.

What Is a Chicken Feeder?

A chicken feeder is a designated container or mechanism designed to dispense feed to chickens. Its core function is to provide poultry with consistent access to food while minimizing waste and protecting the feed from elements.

Sounds simple, so why can’t you just feed your hens by hand? Traditional feeding methods, such as scattering grain on the ground, can lead to wasted food and pests

A great chicken feeder addresses these problems, offering more structured feed access. Plus, you don’t have to get out there twice a day and feed the flock (if you don’t want to).

After buying in to chicken feeders in full, I’ve observed the positive changes up close:

  • More efficient feeding routines
  • Decreased food waste (*money saver*)
  • Better protection against pests and weather (no more bugs or soggy food)

It’s not just about making feeding easier. The right feeder can transform the entire environment of your coop, making your chickens well-nourished and happy.

I’ve seen the benefits of choosing the right feeder for my flock. But which chicken feeder is the best fit for your needs? Let’s take a look.

Best Chicken Feeders at a Glance: Key Features and More

Product NameKey Feature(s)CapacityMaterialPrice
Harris Farms Free Range Hanging Poultry FeederHanging designMediumPlasticCheck price
Suplklz DIY Chicken Feeder Rain Proof Poultry Feeder Port Gravity Feed KitDIY, RainproofVariesPlastic/MetalCheck price
RentACoop Automatic Metal Treadle FeederTreadle mechanism, Pest-proofMedium-LargeMetalCheck price
ZenxyHoC Chick Feeder and Waterer KitDual function, AdjustableSmallPlasticCheck price
PAMAZY 5-Gallon/44 Pounds Automatic Chicken Feeder & WatererLarge capacity, Dual functionLargePlastic/MetalCheck price

Top 5 Chicken Feeders: Reviewed and Ranked

Let’s take a closer look at each of the chicken feeders I covered in the table above.

1. Harris Farms Free Range Hanging Poultry Feeder: Sturdy and Simple

The first thing I noticed about the Harris Farms feeder was its reliable design intended for hassle-free use. The robust plastic material feels sturdy to the touch, and the convenient hanging mechanism ensures the feed remains elevated, minimizing waste. 

Something else I like about this one: This feeder is particularly effective in minimizing food competition among the flock. Even the shyest birds get their fair share.


  • Keeps feed clean by elevating it.
  • Durable construction.
  • Suitable for multiple poultry types.


  • Might require a sturdy overhead support due to its weight when full.
  • Hens will sometimes roost on it.

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2. Suplklz DIY Chicken Feeder Rain Proof Poultry Feeder Port Gravity Feed Kit: Great for DIYers

The Suplklz DIY kit stands out due to its customizability. And as someone who enjoys hands-on projects, the setup for this feeder is both fun and rewarding. 

The gravity-feed mechanism works seamlessly, ensuring that the chickens always have a fresh supply of food. Also, its rainproof feature provides peace of mind during the unpredictable weather, keeping the feed dry and mold-free.


  • Versatile attachment options.
  • Rainproof design.
  • Consistent gravity feed mechanism.


  • Requires some assembly and setup.
  • Might not be suitable for poultry keepers seeking ready-to-use solutions.

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3. RentACoop Automatic Metal Treadle Feeder: Hassle-Free Chicken Feeding

The RentACoop treadle feeder is an innovation in chicken feeding. With its sleek metal design, not only is it durable, but it also adds a touch of sophistication to the coop. 

Its automatic treadle mechanism ensures that only the chickens get access to the feed, meaning no non-feathered fuzzy intruders get a bite. 

After overcoming a slight learning curve (at least that’s what I saw), your chickens will experience smooth sailing and full bellies.


  • Pest-proof design.
  • Durable metal build.
  • Automatic opening mechanism for ease of use.


  • Chickens might require some training to use it.
  • Heavier than plastic models.

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4. ZenxyHoC Chick Feeder and Waterer Kit: Dual Functionality to Save $$

ZenxyHoC’s kit is a big winner for those raising chicks. This feeder-waterer combo, with its small size and clear material, allows you to monitor food and water levels easily. And trust me — monitoring food and water at the chick stage is KEY.

The adjustable feature is particularly handy as the chicks grow, allowing you to ensure the feeder remains at an optimal height. 

Unlike some similar models, this feeder is really user-friendly (and the user is the chick). So there’s no real learning curve to speak of here.


  • Dual-function: provides both feed and water.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Suitable for young birds.


  • Needs frequent refills due to smaller size.
  • Might not be suitable for adult chickens.

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5. PAMAZY 5-Gallon/44 Pounds Automatic Chicken Feeder & Waterer Set: Great for Large Flocks

For poultry keepers with larger flocks, this PAMAZY set is a lifesaver. The sheer capacity meant fewer refills, saving both time and effort. 

Its dual functionality eliminated the need for separate feeders and waterers, which would optimize space in my coop. It’s also super durable, and the design ensures chickens have a consistent supply, basically regardless of flock size.

With all that said, this one is an investment. You won’t be disappointed with it, but you should expect to pay a bit more for this chicken feeder than for other, smaller options.


  • Large capacity suitable for bigger flocks.
  • Dual-function: both feeder and waterer.
  • Sturdy construction.


  • Might be overkill for small flocks.
  • Requires ample space in the coop.
  • Somewhat pricier than smaller chicken feeders.

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Key Considerations When Choosing a Chicken Feeder

Trust me: You can’t just pick a chicken feeder at random. Investing in the right products now will save you headache upon headache and make your new chicken-keeping hobby SO much more enjoyable.

With that in mind, here’s what you need to look for as you choose the best chicken feeder for your flock:


Depending on the number of chickens you have, the feeder’s capacity is crucial. Larger flocks require feeders that can hold more feed, reducing the frequency of refills. The PAMAZY 5-gallon feeder, for instance, is ideal for larger flocks due to its generous capacity.

Ease of Cleaning

Maintaining cleanliness is vital to prevent diseases in your flock. Opt for feeders that have a simple design, allowing you to access all parts easily for thorough cleaning.

Protection from Pests

Feeders like the RentACoop Treadle Feeder are designed to prevent pests like rats and wild birds from accessing the feed. This is not only economically efficient but also ensures the health of your flock by reducing contamination.


Poultry equipment is exposed to various elements, from the weather to the pecking and scratching of the birds. Durable materials like metal or high-quality plastic can stand the test of time and are often a wise investment.


Some poultry keepers prefer customizable solutions, like the Suplklz DIY kit, which you can attach to various containers. Depending on your coop’s design and your preferences, versatility might be a key consideration.

Set Your Flock Up for Success with the Right Chicken Feeder

In the world of backyard chicken keeping, the right feeder makes a REAL difference. 

But before you make your choice, consider factors like capacity, material, and any unique features that cater to your specific needs. 

From my personal experience, each of the above products offers distinct advantages, catering to various flock sizes and poultry-keeping preferences. Regardless of your choice, always prioritize your birds’ health and convenience when making a selection, ensuring that their nutritional needs are met efficiently.

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