Best Chicken Coops for 2024

If you’re thinking about raising chickens, picking the right coop is crucial. It’s not just about giving them a place to stay. It’s about their safety, comfort, and your peace of mind.

I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. I’ve dealt with rain, predators, and even the odd curious raccoon. My experience has taught me the ins and outs of what makes a great chicken coop.

In this article, I’m going to share that knowledge with you. We’ll cover the basics of chicken coops, dive into what you should look out for when buying one, and I’ll give you my honest reviews on the top coops I’ve researched and tested this year. 

Whether you’re starting out or looking to upgrade, you’re in the right place. Here are the best chicken coops for 2024.

Top Chicken Coops Quick Guide

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Chicken CoopTypeFlock SizeMaterialsNotable FeaturesPrice
ECOLINEAR Chicken CoopStationary2-4 chickensFir wood, Green asphaltWeatherproof, Easy access and cleaning, Secure enclosureCheck Price
Eglu GoStationaryUp to 4 medium chickensRecyclable UV Stabilised Plastic, SteelModern design, Easy to clean, Predator resistantCheck Price
BIRASIL Indoor Outdoor Bunny Cage Rabbit HutchStationary1 chicken (temporary)Fir wood, Asphalt, MetalCompact, Easy assembly, Secure, Good for temporary useCheck Price
PawHut Dual Wooden Chicken CoopStationary4-6 chickensFir wood, Metal Wire, AsphaltSpacious, Easy egg collection, Weatherproof, Elevated main houseCheck Price
Petsfit Chicken CoopStationary3-5 chickensFir wood, Metal, AsphaltEase of assembly, Compact, Easy to clean, Durable materialsCheck Price

Basics of Chicken Coops

A good chicken coop isn’t just a shelter; it’s the heart of your backyard flock’s life. It’s where your chickens sleep, lay eggs, and find safety. So, getting the basics right is key.

Note: In this article, I’m only discussing prefabricated chicken coops. I’ll publish some DIY chicken coop guides very soon.

Why a Coop Matters

Think of a chicken coop like a home. It protects your chickens from weather and predators. A secure coop means safe chickens. Plus, a well-built coop keeps your chickens happy. And happy chickens lay more eggs.

Key Components

Here’s what every good coop needs:

  • Nesting boxes. These are a must for egg laying. One box for every three to four hens is a good rule.
  • Roosting bars. Chickens sleep perched. Roosting bars give them a natural, comfy spot to roost at night.
  • Space to move. Chickens need room. Cramped spaces can lead to stress and pecking issues among birds.
  • Ventilation. Good air flow keeps the coop fresh and your chickens healthy. But remember, drafts are bad.
  • Security. Strong walls and a secure door are vital. Predators are crafty, so don’t make it easy for them.

Types of Coops

There’s more than one type of chicken coop that might work for your future flock:

  • Stationary coops. These are fixed in place. Great for larger flocks and if you have the space.
  • Mobile coops. Also called “chicken tractors.” These can be moved around your yard. Perfect for smaller flocks and keeping your lawn fertilized.

Your coop needs to be safe, comfortable, and right for your space and number of chickens. Whether you go big or start small, getting the basics right sets you and your chickens up for success.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Chicken Coop

Choosing the right coop is more than just picking a style. Here are key things you need to think about:

Size and Capacity

Size matters. Too small and your chickens get cramped and stressed. 

A general rule: Provide about 2-3 square feet per chicken inside the coop, and at least 8-10 square feet per chicken in an outdoor run. More space is always better.

Note: Some cities and counties specify how many square feet you must provide for each chicken inside your coop. Review your backyard chicken ordinances via our chicken laws map.

Material and Durability

Coops face the elements, so sturdy materials are a must. Look for weather-resistant woods like cedar, or coops with a good protective finish. 

Don’t forget about predators. A coop should be a fortress against foxes, raccoons, and even eagles. Strong locks and reinforced wire mesh are your friends.

Design and Accessibility

Think about daily tasks. You need easy access for cleaning, feeding, and egg collection. Doors should be large enough for you to enter, and the coop should be simple to clean. Removable trays for waste and easy-to-open nesting boxes save time and hassle.

Ventilation and Insulation

Good air flow keeps the coop fresh and prevents moisture build-up, which can cause health issues. 

But avoid drafts. In colder climates, insulation is important. Chickens can handle the cold, but they don’t like the wet and wind.

Remember: A coop is a long-term home for your chickens. Investing in the right one pays off in healthy, happy birds and more eggs for your table.

Best Chicken Coops for 2024: Detailed Reviews

Review of the ECOLINEAR Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Outdoor Wooden Rabbit Hutch Poultry House with Chicken Run Cage, Egg Box & Waterproof Roof (80″)
  • 【Weatherproof Wooden Chicken Coops】Solid rain-resistant fir wood with Environmental painted keep…
  • 【Specialized and Luxurious Pet House】Chicken Coop Dimensions: 80.7″L x 26″W x 44.5″H, Holds up…
  • 【Removable Tray & Grinding Fences】There is removable bottom sliding tray for easy cleaning. High…

Best for: Small backyards or as a starter coop for new chicken keepers. Ideal for those with 2-4 small to medium-sized chickens.

The ECOLINEAR Chicken Coop is a compact and functional choice for backyard chicken enthusiasts. Made from fir wood, it features a rain-resistant and environmentally friendly paint finish, ensuring durability against various weather conditions. 

The coop includes a ramp for easy chicken access, a removable tray for cleaning, and a spacious outdoor enclosure. Its design caters to the basic needs of backyard poultry while being a stylish addition to any garden.


  • Weatherproof design. The green asphalt sloping roof and painted fir wood provide excellent protection from the elements.
  • Ease of access and cleaning. Features like the sliding door, ramp, and removable tray make daily tasks hassle-free.
  • Secure enclosure. The heavy-duty galvanized wire keeps chickens safe from predators.
  • Spacious. The elevated main poultry house and open fenced enclosure offer ample space for 2-4 chickens.
  • Easy to assemble. Comes with a clear manual for straightforward assembly.
  • Versatile. Suitable for chickens, rabbits, ducks, and other small poultry.


  • Material quality. Some components may feel lightweight and may require additional reinforcement or weatherproofing.
  • Instructions clarity. The assembly instructions can be confusing (at least for someone like me, who isn’t handy), with some mismatches between pictures and actual parts.
  • Size perception. It’s important to check the dimensions; the coop might appear larger in pictures than in reality.
  • Structural integrity. Some parts may arrive slightly damaged or bowed, necessitating additional fixes during assembly. This didn’t happen to me, but I did see it in the reviews of this coop.

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Review of the Eglu Go Chicken Coop by Omlet

Best for: Beginners in backyard chicken keeping and those with small to medium-sized flocks, up to four chickens. Ideal for urban settings or yards with limited space due to its compact design.

The Eglu Go by Omlet is a modern, stylish chicken coop that combines functionality with ease of use. Its contemporary design makes it a perfect fit for up to four medium-sized chickens. 

The coop is made from 100% recyclable UV stabilized plastic, ensuring durability and ease of cleaning. Personally, that touch of environmental friendliness was a big plus for me. 

The Eglu features plastic roosting bars, a discrete nesting area, and a predator-resistant run made from double-layer coated steel weld mesh. Also, it’s worth noting the Eglu Go is known for its twin-wall insulation, making it suitable for all seasons.


  • Modern design. Aesthetically pleasing and fits well in urban environments.
  • Easy to clean. Slide-out droppings tray and washable plastic surfaces simplify maintenance.
  • Predator-resistant. Strong steel mesh run offers high protection against common predators.
  • Weatherproof. UV stabilized plastic and insulated design make it suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Portability. Optional wheels can be added for easy movability.
  • Assembly. Clear instructions for straightforward setup.


  • Space limitations. Best suited for small flocks; may not be ideal for more than four medium-sized chickens.
  • Cleaning nuances. Although easy to clean, additional materials like hay can complicate the process.
  • Assembly time. You may find that assembly takes longer than expected.
  • Ventilation in extreme heat. Additional measures might be needed for ventilation during hot summer nights.

Check Price

Review of the BIRASIL Indoor Outdoor Bunny Cage Rabbit Hutch

48”L Rabbit Hutch Indoor Outdoor Bunny Cage Rabbit Hutch Wood House Pet Cage for Small Animals (Grey/White)
  • 🐇Rabbit hutch outdoor (48 “x24.41 x37.05”) with an ample exercise and private sleeping area, is a…
  • 🐇Rabbit house with Fir wood construction with the pet-friendly, weatherproof finish, with a large…
  • 🐇Bunny hutch All the wire meshes are well welded to prevent accidental hurt. This small chicken…

Best for: Single chickens needing isolation, such as injured or broody hens, or as a temporary space for young chicks. Also suitable as a small-scale coop for backyard beginners with limited space.

The BIRASIL Rabbit Hutch, doubling as a chicken coop, is a versatile and compact option. Measuring 48″L x 24.41″W x 37.05″H, it’s designed for small animals, offering both an exercise area and a private sleeping space. 

Made from fir wood with a pet-friendly, weatherproof finish and a large, offset asphalt roof, it provides adequate protection from weather elements. 

The wire meshes are welded for safety, and the coop features a raised nesting box and a resting box with easy access through a ramp. The removable tray ensures easy cleaning.

This is a pretty niche coop, but a lot of chicken keepers end up needing a small space to keep a single hen at some point, usually due to injury or illness.


  • Compact and cute design. Ideal for small spaces and adds charm to your backyard.
  • Easy assembly. Comes with clear instructions, making the setup process straightforward.
  • Multi-functional. Can be used for a variety of small pets, including chickens and rabbits (multi-use).
  • Easy to clean. Features like the open bottom and removable tray make maintenance simple.
  • Secure. Metal slide bolt locks on the doors ensure the safety of the poultry.
  • Good for temporary use. Suitable for raising chicks or isolating hens for short periods.


  • Limited space. Too small for permanent housing of multiple chickens.
  • Lack of chicken-specific features. No roosting rods or nesting boxes, which are essential for chickens.
  • Material quality. Some components may feel cheap and might require additional weatherproofing or reinforcement.
  • Strong wood smell. The smell of the wood may linger, which could be a concern for some users. I like the smell, but I realize some people don’t.
  • Cosmetic issues. Some parts may have minor damage, affecting the aesthetic but not the functionality.

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Review of the PawHut Dual Wooden Chicken Coop

PawHut Dual Wooden Chicken Coop with Garden Bed, Large Outdoor Hen House with Nesting Boxes Removable Trays, Ramps Run, for Garden Backyard, 123″ x 27.5″ x 42.5″, Dark Gray
  • Large Outdoor Run: Our two chicken houses attach together with an extra wide enclosure, allowing…
  • Several Features: A two-chicken nesting box with a hinged top offers an easy way to collect eggs….
  • Easy Access: This chicken pen has never been easier to care for your animals with a roof that opens…

Best for: Medium-sized flocks or expanding backyard chicken enthusiasts. Ideal for those who need a spacious and durable coop with room for their chickens to roam and play.

The PawHut Dual Wooden Chicken Coop is a sizeable and sturdy option for keeping chickens. It’s designed to accommodate 4-6 chickens comfortably. 

This coop features two chicken houses connected by a wide enclosure, providing ample space for chickens to move around. It includes a two-chicken nesting box with a hinged top for easy egg collection, perches for roosting, and screen windows for ventilation. 

The coop’s solid construction from natural fir wood, coated with water-resistant paint, gives it considerable longevity and resistance to the elements.


  • Spacious design. Large outdoor run and bilateral symmetry design offer plenty of space for chickens.
  • Easy egg collection. Accessible nesting boxes make egg collection straightforward.
  • Easy maintenance. The roof opens for convenient cleaning, and there are four outside doors for easy access.
  • Durable construction. Made with high-quality fir wood and coated with water-resistant paint.
  • Weatherproof. The waterproof asphalt roof provides excellent protection against the elements.
  • Elevated main house. Protects from wet conditions and predators.


  • Price point. Slightly more expensive compared to other options, but offers value for its size and features.
  • Assembly required. While straightforward, assembly is necessary and can take a few hours.
  • Size considerations. Ensure you have adequate space in your backyard for this large coop.

Check Price

Review of the Petsfit Chicken Coop

Petsfit Chicken Coop with Nesting Box, Outdoor Hen House with Removable Bottom for Easy Cleaning, Weatherproof Poultry Cage, Rabbit Hutch, Wood Duck House Red
  • 【A COMFORTABLE HOME FOR HENS】: The large chicken coop can comfortably hold 3 to 5 normal grown…
  • 【DURABLE MATERIALS】 Made of 100% natural thicker solid fir wood, eco-friendly water-based…
  • 【EASY TO CLEAN】:Reach every inch of this chicken coop with the help of 3 Access Areas. One of…

Best for: Small backyard flocks, especially suitable for 2-4 hens. Great for those seeking a compact coop with easy maintenance and a cozy environment for their chickens.

The Petsfit Chicken Coop is a functional and charming choice for small-scale chicken keepers. It can comfortably house 3 to 5 adult chickens. 

Made of 100% natural, thicker solid fir wood and stainless steel hardware, this coop is built to withstand various weather conditions. 

The coop features a large nesting box, accessible cleaning trays, and secure housing with solid wood panels. The rain-resistant asphalt roof and eco-friendly water-based painting add to its durability. (Although I haven’t tested this one over the long-term.)


  • Ease of assembly. User-friendly design that can be put together quickly and efficiently.
  • Compact size. Ideal for small spaces while providing enough room for a few chickens.
  • Easy to clean. Removable trays and multiple access points simplify maintenance.
  • Durable materials. Solid fir wood construction and stainless steel hardware make it sturdy.
  • Secure housing. Effective locks on each access point keep chickens safe.
  • Versatile use. Suitable not only for chickens but also for ducks and rabbits.


  • Limited capacity. Best suited for a small number of chickens; not ideal for larger flocks.
  • Material quality. The wood, while sturdy, may benefit from additional weatherproofing.
  • Roof design. The roof may require sealing to enhance its weather resistance.
  • Roosting bars. Some chickens may find the roosting bars too slender for comfort.

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Buying Guide: Tips on Selecting the Right Chicken Coop

Choosing the perfect chicken coop is crucial. Here’s my advice to help you make the best choice:

Assess Your Specific Needs

  • Space. How much room do you have? Match the coop size to your available space and chicken count.
  • Climate. Live in a cold area? You’ll need a coop with good insulation. Hot climate? Focus on ventilation.
  • Chicken breed. Some breeds need more space or have specific needs. Know your breed’s habits.

For First-Time Buyers vs. Experienced Chicken Keepers

  • First-timers. Start with a smaller, easy-to-manage coop. It’s better to learn on something that isn’t too complex.
  • Experienced keepers. You might want a larger, more durable coop. Think about long-term use and ease of maintenance.

Tips on Installation and Setup

  • Read the instructions. Seems obvious, but it’s crucial. Every coop is different.
  • Choose the right location. Keep it away from loud noises and in a spot with some sun and shade.
  • Secure it properly. Make sure it’s stable and predator-proof. This can’t be stressed enough.
  • Equip it right. Ensure you have all necessary accessories like feeders, waterers, and bedding.

Ultimately, your coop is an investment in the health and happiness of your chickens. Take your time, think about these points, and you’ll make a great choice.

Wrapping Up: Top Chicken Coops to Start Your Flock

That’s a wrap on finding the best chicken coop for 2024. The right coop keeps your chickens safe, happy, and laying plenty of eggs. Size, material, design, and climate needs are key. 

And whether you’re just starting or you’re a seasoned chicken keeper, there’s a perfect coop out there for you. I promise.

Got questions or want to share your coop experiences? I’d love to hear from you. Drop a comment below or reach out directly. Your feedback makes this community richer for all of us.

Chicken Coop FAQs

What’s the ideal size for a chicken coop?

Each chicken needs about 2-3 square feet inside the coop and 8-10 square feet in the run. More space is always better, especially if you can’t let them out often.

How do I predator-proof my chicken coop?

Use strong materials like hardware cloth instead of chicken wire. Make sure the coop is fully enclosed, including the floor. Secure locks are a must.

What kind of maintenance does a chicken coop require?

Regular cleaning is key. Remove waste daily and do a deep clean monthly. Check for pests, and repair any damage to keep your coop in top shape.

Can I build a chicken coop myself, or should I buy one?

Building one can save money and lets you customize it. But it requires time and skills. Buying one is quicker and often ensures professional quality.

How important is ventilation in a chicken coop?

Very important. Good ventilation keeps air fresh and prevents moisture buildup, which can cause health problems for your chickens.

What features should I look for in a chicken coop if I live in a cold climate?

Look for solid insulation, draft-free ventilation, and possibly a heating source. Keep the coop dry and protect it from harsh winds.

How do I ensure the coop is comfortable for my chickens in the summer heat?

Ensure good airflow, provide shade, and consider adding a fan. Keep their water supply fresh and abundant.

What’s the best way to clean and disinfect a chicken coop?

Remove all bedding and waste, then scrub surfaces with a coop-safe cleaner. Rinse well and let it dry before adding fresh bedding.

How often should I replace or upgrade my chicken coop?

It depends on the coop’s quality and your maintenance. Generally, a well-maintained coop can last several years. Upgrade if it becomes hard to clean, unsafe, or too small for your flock.

Can I keep different breeds of chickens together in one coop?

Yes, most breeds can coexist. Just ensure there’s enough space and resources for all. Watch for any bullying and separate if needed.

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