New Mexico Chicken Laws

Here are the laws and regulations related to keeping backyard chickens in New Mexico:

  • Zoning laws: Check your local zoning laws and ordinances to ensure chickens are allowed in your area.
  • Number of chickens: There are no state laws limiting the number of chickens you can have, but local ordinances may have restrictions.
  • Roosters: Roosters are allowed, but they can be noisy and may be prohibited by local ordinances.
  • Housing: Coops must provide enough space for chickens to move around and roost, and should be protected from predators. They must be kept clean to avoid health hazards.
  • Slaughtering: Chickens can be slaughtered on your property for personal consumption only. There are no state laws regulating this, but local ordinances may have restrictions.
  • Disease control: If you have a flock of more than 100 chickens, you must register your premises with the New Mexico Livestock Board. You should also take steps to prevent the spread of disease, such as practicing good biosecurity measures and monitoring your flock for signs of illness.
  • Selling eggs: If you plan to sell eggs from your backyard chickens, you must follow New Mexico egg laws and regulations, which include labeling requirements and restrictions on selling dirty or cracked eggs.

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