Providence Chicken Laws

Are chickens allowed in Providence?Yes
How many chickens can you have?Up to 6
Can you have roosters in Providence?No
Chicken coop placement rules:20 feet from any dwelling
Application process:A permit may be required
More information:Providence City Code

Delving into the world of chicken husbandry in Providence, Familiarize yourself with the stipulated rules and regulations for smooth operations.

  • Number of Chickens: Residents can keep up to 6 chickens on their property.
  • Space Requirements: There must be a maximum of 1 chicken per 800 square feet of lot area.
  • Restrictions on Roosters: Roosters cannot be kept within city limits.
  • Hen House Specifications: Chickens must be housed in a hen house that meets certain criteria:
    • The hen house must be covered to protect the chickens from predators.
    • It should be well-ventilated to ensure proper air circulation.
    • A minimum of 2 square feet of space should be provided per chicken.
    • The hen house must always be kept clean, dry, and sanitary.
    • Manure must be composted in enclosed bins to maintain hygiene.
  • Location Requirements for Hen House: The hen house must be situated according to specific guidelines:
    • It should be placed on a permeable surface that prevents waste run-off.
    • The hen house must be at least 20 feet from any dwelling.
  • Fenced Outdoor Enclosure: Chickens must have access to an outdoor enclosure, which must adhere to the following rules:
    • The fenced enclosure should be at least 20 feet from any property line.
    • It must be secure enough to prevent the chickens from escaping.

Ensure you know the most recent backyard chicken regulations in Providence by contacting local officials directly.

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Last updated: 4/24/24