Saco Chicken Laws

Are chickens allowed in Saco?Yes
How many chickens can you have?6
Can you have roosters in Saco?No
Chicken coop placement rules:Coops in rear yard and at least 25 feet from property lines.
Application process:Permit required
More information:City of Saco code

If you’re thinking about starting a chicken farm in Saco, it’s necessary to be well-informed about the rules and regulations in place. 

  • The maximum number of chickens: You are allowed to keep a maximum of six chickens per lot.
  • No roosters are allowed. 
  • Enclosure: Your chickens must be kept in a clean, dry, and odor-free enclosure at all times. During non-daylight hours, they should be secured within a henhouse. However, during daylight hours, they can be allowed in a securely fenced yard or chicken pen. It’s essential to ensure that your chickens do not disturb the use or enjoyment of neighboring lots due to noise, odor, or any other adverse impact.
  • Location: Henhouses, chicken pens, and fences for chickens are only permitted in rear yards. They must be located at least 25 feet away from all property lines. 
  • Manure: You must make provisions for the storage and removal of chicken manure to the satisfaction of the Animal Control Officer. All stored manure should be covered by a fully enclosed structure with a roof or lid. The maximum amount of manure that can be stored at any given time is three cubic feet. 
  • Odors: Odors emanating from your chickens or chicken manure should not be detectable at the property boundaries.
  • Prohibited activities:
    • Selling eggs or engaging in chicken breeding or fertilizer production for commercial purposes is not allowed.
    • The slaughtering of chickens for commercial purposes is prohibited.
  • Permits:
    • You are required to obtain a permit from the Code Enforcement Office to keep domesticated chickens. If you discontinue keeping chickens for a period longer than six months, the permit will become void.
    • If you plan to construct a henhouse and chicken pen or convert any existing structure or portion of a structure, a building permit is required. 

Saco may alter its rules on backyard chickens as time goes on, so reaching out to city officials is important to stay updated.

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Last updated: 06/06/2023