Shelburne Chicken Laws

Are chickens allowed in Shelburne?Yes
How many chickens can you have?No limit specified (check with city officials)
Can you have roosters in Shelburne?Likely no due to nuisance ordinance
Chicken coop placement rules:No rule specified
Application process:Licensure required
More information:Shelburne City Code

Considering chicken-raising in Shelburne? Learn the rules before you start buying chicks or coop materials:

  • Keeping Chickens: The City of Shelburne allows residents to keep chickens
  • Commercial Slaughter Prohibited: It is important to note that commercial slaughter of poultry is not allowed within the city’s limits.
  • Number of Chickens: The city’s ordinance does not specify the number of chickens allowed per household. We recommend checking with the local municipality to determine the allowable number and species of chickens within your area.
  • Keeping Roosters: The city’s noise ordinance appears to prohibit the keeping of roosters, but it’s always worthwhile to still check with local officials. 
  • Secure Coops: Chickens must be kept in secure, strong, well-ventilated coops. This ensures their safety and prevents potential issues with neighbors or predators.
  • Coop Building Guidelines: For more information on coop building guidelines, please contact the local authorities within your area.
  • Additional General Tips 
    • Screened Coops: Chicken coops must be screened to prevent the chickens from flying away.
    • Adequate Care: Chickens must have adequate food, water, and shelter to maintain their health and well-being.
    • Proper Disposal of Manure: Properly dispose of chicken manure properly to prevent environmental or health hazards.

Shelburne can modify backyard chicken rules over time. Stay informed; reach out to local officials for the latest updates.

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Last updated: 4/24/24