West Valley City Chicken Laws

Are chickens allowed in West Valley City?Yes
How many chickens can you have?Up to 4
Can you have roosters in West Valley City?No
Chicken coop placement rules:Coops at least 40 feet from any dwelling and at least 100 feet from any public street.
Application process:Permit may be required
More information:West Valley City Municipal Code

Unlock the path to a flourishing chicken-raising experience in West Valley City by learning the essential rules and regulations.

  • Permissible Chickens: West Valley City, Utah, permits residents to keep chickens as household pets, except for roosters and crowing hens.
  • Limit on Chicken Numbers: The number of chickens that can be kept on a property is restricted to up to 4 hens.
  • Roosters are not allowed. 
  • Animal Points Allocation: The allocation of animal points, which can affect the limitations on the numbers of chickens you can have, depends on the size of the property. For a one-acre property, residents are allowed 200 animal points.
  • Prorated Point Allowance: Properties with fractional amounts of land receive a prorated point allowance. For example, a 0.5-acre property is entitled to 100 points, while a 1.5-acre property is entitled to 300 points.
  • Coop Requirements: Chickens must be kept within properly enclosed, sanitary coops within city limits. The coop must be spacious enough to accommodate the number of chickens being kept.
  • Distance from Dwellings: The chicken coop must be at least 40 feet from any dwelling. If no dwelling exists on the property, the coop must be placed at least 100 feet from any public street.
  • Permit Application: A permit from the city is mandatory for keeping chickens. Residents can apply for the permit either online or by mail.

Keep abreast of West Valley City’s shifting backyard chicken rules by consulting officials for the latest details.

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Last updated: 11/20/2023