Coventry Chicken Laws

Are chickens allowed in Coventry?Yes (see NOTE)
How many chickens can you have?6 to 25 (depending on property size)
Can you have roosters in Coventry?No
Chicken coop placement rules:Coops at least 25 feet from property lines.
Application process:Permit required
More information:Coventry City Code

Looking to engage in chicken keeping within Coventry? Expand your knowledge about the necessary rules and regulations.

  • Keeping Chickens: The City of Coventry allows the keeping of chickens within city limits. On lots less than 1 acre, six hens are allowed. On larger lots, up to 25 hens are allowed.
  • Rooster Restrictions: Roosters are not allowed in Coventry. This restriction is in place to prevent noise and disruption, especially in the early morning.
  • Outdoor Enclosure: Chickens must be kept in a fenced outdoor enclosure that provides ample space to move freely. Housing should be at least 25 feet from property lines.
  • The enclosure should be kept clean, sanitary, and equipped with proper food, water, and shelter.

Keep up with the latest information about backyard chickens in Coventry by contacting local officials, as rules can change over time.

NOTE: The city code is somewhat unclear, although it does appear to allow chickens on both agricultural and residential property. Please check with city officials to ensure chickens are allowed on your specific property.

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Last updated: 10/30/2023