Medford Chicken Laws

Are chickens allowed in Medford?Yes
How many chickens can you have?No limit specified (check with city officials)
Can you have roosters in Medford?No
Chicken coop placement rules:4 feet from the property lines of any neighboring parcel
Application process:Permit may be required
More information:Medford City Codes

Dreaming of raising chickens in Medford? Unlock the secrets to a successful endeavor by understanding the specific rules and regulations involved.

  • The number of chickens allowed: The city does not specify the number of chickens allowed. We advise you to check with the local authorities for more information regarding the permitted numbers. 
  • Keeping poultry is intended for personal use only, and any commercial activity related to poultry keeping is prohibited.
  • Roosters are prohibited: Roosters cannot be kept within city limits. Only hens are permitted for backyard chickenkeeping.
  • Confinement requirements: All allowed poultry must always be confined to the property. Additionally, no enclosure or structure associated with the poultry can be located within 4 feet of the property lines of any neighboring parcel. 
  • Clean and sanitary poultry coop: Keeping the poultry coop clean and sanitary is mandatory. 
  • Adequate food, water, and shelter: The poultry must be provided with sufficient food, water, and shelter. Adequate nutrition, hydration, and protection from the elements are essential for the well-being of the chickens.
  • No nuisance to neighbors: Keeping backyard chickens should not cause any disturbance or nuisance to neighboring properties.

Stay in the know regarding backyard chicken regulations in Medford by connecting with city officials for the latest updates.

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Last updated: 10/28/2023