Enid Chicken Laws

Are chickens allowed in Enid?Yes
How many chickens can you have?Up to 6 in city residential zones with conditional waiver
Can you have roosters in Enid?No (except in areas zoned for agriculture)
Chicken coop placement rules:No rule specified (check with city)
Application process:Permit may be required
More information:Enid News and Eagle

If you find the notion of raising chickens in Enid enticing, familiarize yourself with the prescribed guidelines before you start your new hobby:

  • Allowed Zoning: Livestock, including chickens, may be kept on property zoned A agricultural, R-1 residential estate, or lots one acre or larger. Also, after a 2022 council vote, the city marshal can grant conditional waivers for up to 6 hens within other residential zones.
  • Rooster Restrictions: Roosters are prohibited except on property zoned A agriculture or R-1 residential estates. This means that if you live in a residential area or have a smaller property, you cannot keep roosters due to noise concerns.
  • Shelter Requirements: Chickens must be kept in a shelter that protects them from cold and heat. 
  • Restriction on Free Roaming: No fowl can run at large within the city limits. To prevent issues such as property damage or disturbances, keeping your chickens contained within appropriate enclosures is necessary.
  • Fence Regulations: Barbed wire, chicken wire, hot wire, or electric strand fences are prohibited except in agricultural or industrial zoning districts. 
  • Waiver for Non-Residential Properties: Residents of properties that are not zoned R-1 and are less than one acre in size may apply for a waiver to keep up to six hens as pets. This waiver is subject to approval and requires the resident to demonstrate adequate space for the upkeep and care of the hens.

Ensure you’re up to speed on Enid’s latest changes to backyard chicken regulations—consult Enid officials for accurate information.

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Last updated: 4/24/24