Columbus Chicken Laws

Are chickens allowed in Columbus?Yes
How many chickens can you have?4
Can you have roosters in Columbus?No
Chicken coop placement rules:Coops at least five feet from neighboring property lines and 20 feet from neighboring residences or businesses
Application process:Permit required
More information:City of Columbus Public Health

Want to keep some chickens in your backyard in Columbus? You’re in luck. Here are the laws related to backyard chicken keeping in Columbus, Ohio:

  • A permit is required to keep chickens in Columbus, and the permit fee is $50.
  • Residents are allowed to keep up to four chickens, but no roosters are permitted.
  • Chickens must be kept in a secure enclosure or coop that is at least 20 feet from any residence or business other than the owner’s.
  • Coops must be kept clean and in good repair, and the chickens must have access to adequate food, water, and protection from the elements.
  • Chickens cannot be slaughtered or sold on the property where they are kept.
  • Manure must be composted or disposed of properly and cannot create a nuisance or attract rodents or other pests.
  • Failure to comply with these regulations may result in a citation and fine.

It’s important to note that these regulations apply specifically to the city of Columbus and may differ in other parts of Ohio.

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Last updated: 3/18/23