Claremont Chicken Laws

Are chickens allowed in Claremont?Not specified (check with city)
How many chickens can you have?No official limits
Can you have roosters in Claremont?No
Chicken coop placement rules:No rule specified
Application process:Permit may be required
More information:Claremont City Code

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information available on the rules about raising chickens in Claremont, New Hampshire:

  • There are no specific regulations on the number of chickens that can be kept in Claremont, so we recommend checking with the local authorities for more information.

Here are some general recommendations for keeping chickens in Claremont (provided that you receive approval to do so from the appropriate city officials):

  • Allow adequate space for each chicken within the coop.
  • Provide a balanced and appropriate diet for your chickens.
  • Ensure a constant supply of clean and fresh water.
  • Properly manage chicken waste to prevent odor, attract pests, and maintain a clean environment.
  • Regularly clean the coop, remove soiled bedding, and consider composting chicken manure.
  • Be considerate of your neighbors and take steps to minimize noise and odor from your chicken operation.
  • Position the coop away from neighboring residences and maintain cleanliness to minimize smells.
  • Although there are no specific regulations on chicken coop construction and location, it is advisable to consult with the local authorities to ensure compliance with any potential guidelines they may have. They can provide more detailed information on how the coop should be constructed and where it should be located.

The rules about keeping backyard chickens in cities can evolve over time. To stay informed, make sure to reach out to Claremont officials for the most up-to-date information.

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Last updated: 09/19/2023