Helena Chicken Laws

Are chickens allowed in Helena?Yes
How many chickens can you have?No official limits (check with city authorities)
Can you have roosters in Helena?Likely no (noisy animals prohibited)
Chicken coop placement rules:Coops at least 25 feet from homes.
Application process:No permit required
More information:Helena City Code

To raise chickens in Helena, you’ll need to follow a few rules: 

  • Chickens are allowed within city limits: Helena, Montana permits residents to keep chickens on their property.
  • The law doesn’t specify the number of chickens allowed, but it is advisable to check with your local authority for more details regarding any specific limitations or requirements.
  • Keeping of noisy animals is prohibited, which suggests that roosters may not be allowed. To clarify this further, it is recommended that you check with the local authorities to confirm whether roosters are permitted within city limits.
  • When setting up your chicken coop, it is essential to note that the chicken coop shall be located or kept at least twenty-five feet (25′) away from the dwelling of another person. This requirement helps to minimize potential disturbances and ensure peaceful coexistence with your neighbors.
  • Any animal found running at large or left unattended or picketed in the city may be taken by the animal control officer and impounded in the animal shelter or a veterinarian’s office, where they will be confined in a humane manner.

Helena might update its regulations on backyard chickens over time, which is why it’s vital to get in touch with the city officials for the most recent details.

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Last updated: 7/3/23