Billings Chicken Laws

Are chickens allowed in Billings?Yes
How many chickens can you have?6
Can you have roosters in Billings?No
Chicken coop placement rules:No chicken house, outdoor chicken enclosure, or chicken hen shall at any time be located closer than 10 feet to any public right-of-way
Application process:Permit required
More information:Billings City Ordinance

Here’s a summary of the laws related to backyard chicken keeping in Billings, Montana:

  • Billings allows chickens on residents’ property, but you have to follow specific rules and regulations.
  • As many as 6 hens are allowed per lot, but roosters are forbidden.
  • Chicken coops and runs must be located at least 10 feet away from neighboring homes and 10 feet away from any property line and public rights-of-way.
  • Chicken coops must be designed to prevent escape and protect chickens from predators.
  • Chicken waste must be stored in a secure container and disposed of properly.
  • Chicken owners are not allowed to slaughter chickens on their property.
  • Chicken owners are required to obtain a permit from the city and renew it annually.
  • If complaints are made by neighbors or if regulations are violated, the permit may be revoked and fines may be issued.

Billings residents who want to keep chickens must obtain the necessary permit and follow these regulations to ensure the health and safety of their chickens and to avoid legal issues.

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Last updated: 3/18/23