Boston Chicken Laws

Are chickens allowed in Boston?Yes (most areas)
How many chickens can you have?6
Can you have roosters in Boston?No
Chicken coop placement rules:Coops set back from all property lines (Article 89)
Application process:Permit required
More information:NOFA/Mass Poultry Regulations Database

Boston may be one of the most chicken-friendly cities in New England. Here’s a summary of the laws related to backyard chicken keeping in Boston, Massachusetts:

  • The City of Boston allows residents to keep chickens on their property, but there are certain regulations and guidelines that must be followed.
  • Chicken coops and runs must be located at least 25 feet away from neighboring homes.
  • A maximum of 6 chickens are allowed per household, but roosters are prohibited.
  • Chicken coops and runs must be predator-proof and provide at least 2 square feet of space per chicken.
  • Chicken owners must maintain a clean and sanitary environment for their chickens, including proper disposal of chicken waste.
  • Chicken owners must comply with any zoning restrictions that apply to their property.
  • Chicken owners are not allowed to slaughter chickens on their property.
  • Any egg sales must comply with local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Violations of these regulations can result in fines and/or the revocation of the chicken-keeping permit.

It’s important for residents of Boston who want to keep chickens to obtain the necessary permits and follow these guidelines to ensure the health and safety of their chickens and to avoid legal issues.

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Last updated: 3/18/23