Augusta Chicken Laws

Are chickens allowed in Augusta?Yes
How many chickens can you have?No official limits (check with local authorities)
Can you have roosters in Augusta?Yes
Chicken coop placement rules:No official rules
Application process:Permit required
More information:City of Augusta Code of Ordinances

Planning to have your own chickens in Augusta? Make sure to familiarize yourself with the necessary rules and regulations.

  • Residents are allowed to keep chickens in their backyards in Augusta.
  • Roosters are allowed in the city. 
  • Chickens must be kept in a coop that is secure from floods and has sufficient space. 
  • Chickens must be provided with fresh water and food daily.
  • Chickens must be properly disposed of when they die.
  • Chickens must not be allowed to run at large because 

Additional Tips for Keeping Chickens in Augusta:

  • Choose a breed of chicken that is known for being docile and easy to handle.
  • Provide your chickens with a safe and secure coop.
  • Feed your chickens a balanced diet.
  • Keep your chickens’ coop clean and free of pests.
  • Be patient and enjoy the benefits of having fresh eggs from your own backyard!

Cities can change their rules about keeping backyard chickens as time goes on. That’s why it’s important to contact officials in Augusta to get the latest information.

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Last updated: 4/26/24