Owensboro Chicken Laws

Are chickens allowed in Owensboro?No
How many chickens can you have?0
Can you have roosters in Owensboro?No
Chicken coop placement rules:Not applicable
Application process:Not applicable
More information:Owensboro City Code

Unfortunately, Owensboro doesn’t allow residents to raise chickens within city limits.

See below for more information.

  • Prohibition on slaughtering. Slaughtering of chickens is usually not permitted within city limits.
  • Homeowners’ Association regulations. If the property is under the jurisdiction of a Homeowners’ Association, additional rules or prohibitions may apply. It’s recommended to check with the HOA before starting a backyard chicken flock.

To learn about the most recent chicken ordinances and related rules in Owensboro, reach out to your local government.

See other Kentucky chicken ordinances.

Last updated: 5/10/23