Lexington Chicken Laws

Are chickens allowed in Lexington?Yes
How many chickens can you have?No official limits
Can you have roosters in Lexington?Yes (noise ordinance applies)
Chicken coop placement rules:No official rules
Application process:No permit required
More information:Lexington-Fayette County Code of Ordinances

Lexington lets residents raise backyard chickens with some pretty unrestrictive rules.

Thinking about raising chickens in your backyard in Lexington? See below:

  • Allowance of backyard chickens. Lexington, Kentucky, allows residents to keep backyard chickens within city limits, with a permit.
  • Limit on number of chickens. The city does not expressly limit the number of chickens you can raise on your property. However, it maintains rules about waste, nuisances, and odors, so a large number of chickens could make you more likely to violate that part of the ordinance.
  • Roosters. You can’t legally keep an animal that makes noise to disturb the peace in Lexington. That doesn’t name roosters specifically, but the constant crowing is likely to cause a problem for you.
  • Permitting. Residents do not need to obtain a permit to keep chickens within the bounds of the ordinance.
  • Coop regulations. Coops must be secure, well-ventilated, and easy to clean. They must provide adequate space for each chicken.
  • Coop location. Coops must be placed a reasonable distance from neighboring residences and property lines to minimize potential nuisances. Check with local authorities for specific distance requirements, although none are currently on the books.
  • Sanitation requirements. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the coop and outdoor area is required to maintain a healthy environment for the chickens and the neighborhood.
  • Prohibition of slaughter. Slaughtering chickens within city limits is typically not allowed.
  • Check with your HOA. Even if the city permits backyard chickens, your Homeowners’ Association may have restrictions or prohibitions. Always check your HOA rules before getting backyard chickens.

It’s recommended to contact your local government for the most accurate and up-to-date information on raising chickens in Lexington.

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Last updated: 5/10/23