Bowling Green Chicken Laws

Are chickens allowed in Bowling Green?Yes
How many chickens can you have?5
Can you have roosters in Bowling Green?No
Chicken coop placement rules:No official rules
Application process:Permit required
More information:Bowling Green City Ordinance

You’ll need to get a permit, but you can raise a small backyard chicken flock if you live in Bowling Green.

If you’re considering raising chickens in your backyard in Bowling Green, see below for more information.

  • Permit for chicken keeping. Residents are required to secure a permit to keep backyard chickens in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
  • Restrictions on the type of birds. Hens are permissible, but roosters are typically not allowed to prevent noise issues.
  • Limitation on flock size. You can have a maximum of five hens in your backyard.
  • Housing requirements for chickens. Chickens must be housed in a coop that is clean, well-ventilated, and secure against predators.
  • Placement of chicken coops. The location of chicken coops usually must meet certain distance requirements from neighboring properties and residences, but the city does not make these restrictions clear. Check with local authorities.
  • Upkeep and sanitation of chicken area. Regular cleaning of the chicken coop and surrounding area is mandatory to maintain a healthy living environment for the birds and prevent potential health hazards.
  • Slaughter restrictions. Slaughtering of chickens is typically not allowed within city limits.
  • Homeowners’ Association rules. If you live in a property governed by an HOA, check with them as they might have additional restrictions or prohibitions on keeping backyard chickens, even if the city allows it.

Your local government is the best source for the latest information on raising chickens in Bowling Green. Contact them to learn more.

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Last updated: 5/10/23