Sandy Springs Chicken Laws

Are chickens allowed in Sandy Springs?Yes
How many chickens can you have?75 (depending on space)
Can you have roosters in Sandy Springs?No official rules
Chicken coop placement rules:Coops 15 feet from lot lines, 25 feet from neighbors, and in backyard.
Application process:No permit required
More information:Sandy Springs Municipal Code

There are some restrictions, but Sandy Springs is generally a chicken-friendly city.

In Sandy Springs, the rules for backyard chickens include:

  • Zoning restrictions. Raising chickens is only permitted in specific residential zoning districts. Check with the local zoning department to determine if your property falls within an allowed zone.
  • Number of allowed chickens. Households can keep a maximum of 75 chickens, depending on available space (4 square feet per chicken in coop).
  • Roosters allowed. Sandy Springs has no specific rules about keeping roosters other than its noise/nuisance rules.
  • Coop requirements. Chicken coops must be located in the rear yard, at least 25 feet away from neighboring residences and 15 feet from any side or rear property lines.
  • Proper coop maintenance. Chicken coops need to be maintained in a clean, dry, and well-ventilated state to prevent health hazards or nuisances.
  • No free-ranging. Chickens must be confined within a secure coop or fenced area at all times to prevent them from wandering onto neighboring properties.
  • No selling of eggs or meat. The sale of eggs or meat from backyard chickens is not allowed within the city.

To ensure compliance and to access the most recent information, contact the appropriate authorities in Sandy Springs, Georgia, regarding backyard chicken keeping regulations.

See other Georgia chicken ordinances.

Last updated: 4/21/23