Are Cedar Shavings Toxic to Chickens?


There is some controversy over whether cedar shavings are toxic to chickens. Some people believe that the aromatic oils in cedar shavings can cause respiratory problems in chickens, while others believe that cedar shavings are safe for chickens to use as bedding. It is generally recommended to avoid using cedar shavings as bedding for chickens, and instead use pine shavings or other types of bedding that are known to be safe for chickens.

Is Cedar Good Bedding for Chickens?

Using cedar shavings as bedding for chickens is not recommended. While cedar shavings may have insect-repelling properties, they can be harmful to chickens when ingested or inhaled in large quantities. The aromatic compounds in cedar shavings can irritate a chicken’s respiratory system, causing breathing difficulties and other health problems. Pine shavings or other natural bedding options are a better choice for chickens.

What Are Some Cedar Alternatives for Chickens?

Cedar shavings are not recommended as bedding for chickens because they contain natural oils that can cause respiratory issues and liver damage. Some alternatives to cedar shavings for chicken bedding include pine shavings, straw, hay, shredded paper, sand, and dried leaves. It’s important to choose a safe and absorbent bedding material that’s easy to clean and replace as needed.

Will Cedar Chips in My Yard Be Harmful to My Chickens?

Yes, cedar chips in your yard can be harmful to your chickens if they ingest them. Cedar chips contain natural oils and phenols that can irritate a chicken’s respiratory system and digestive tract. Additionally, cedar chips can also be a choking hazard if they are small enough for your chickens to swallow. It’s best to avoid using cedar chips in your yard or in your chicken coop.

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